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[Teach you...

>>>[ Teach you a lesson- Drake]<<<

So this past thanksgiving has been very insightful. Btw yes I realize it's 5:11AM Sunday morning. So I'll start with wednesday night.

Wednesday night I was extremely stressed out driving to south ga. I was also excited to tell my mom the news about winning a vacation to the Bahamas. Now this seems odd becuase the night before me and Sabrina talked about some extremely dark things, depression, so the news was a good boost for me. My main concern was getting to Albany on thanksgiving day with a bad tire with both me and my uncle and get back. I had never my car on such a long trip before, jus to let you know my trip to Florida would have been my defining tester for this scenario. Also gas, I was cutting it short because of my recent plane ticket purchase to New York. My uncle calls me, I also have a cold, at 11:30 pm asking me if I am asleep. I was drifting but he ruined it. He was telling me he wanted to bring over the ham food dinner tomorrow.

Now at this point I think he's high or drunk but I know he doesn't do those things. Anyway some woman in the background, whom I think was either his ex wife or his girlfriend, I'm not sure. Btw he's 60 years old and for him to be unwed is normal for my family, for both the men and the women. I tell him to bring tomorrow and that I'm leaving at 12 noon. Goodnight.

This nigga shows up at 8am, to make a phone call! He drove for 20 minutes up from panola road to my house to make a gotdamn phone call. I was a lil ticked but not too much. So I ask him how much he can give me for gas he says 20 dollars, I was like that won't even give a full tank. I drive a mustang, and Albany 2 1/2 hours away! Also I need a tire. So I tell him i need him to ride with me to see if this tire shop is open on thanksgiving morning.

It turns out while I was getting dressed he called all of my cousins and aunts and uncles from the house phone. When I came back down stairs from getting dressed which was about 20 minutes, he left. So now at this point I'm confused beyond belief, but that's my uncle.

With that said I call him and ask why he left? He tells me he had to return the car he borrowed. Now I'm pissed, but I let it go. I filled the car with the last of my money until Saturday. 

We get on the road and I tell him exactly what he just did to me in the past 9 hours that made no sense whatsoever. Now that I look back at his tactic he's kinda manipulative...

Anyway we arrive in Albany after 2 hours and 45 minutes on the road ,he had to pee. By this time it's 12:30, and my mom shows up with my other cousin. The thing is I've noticed that my mom has changed towards my cousin Cat, becuase now she stays with my cousin Alisha more often. Who knows, it could be the new boyfriend or something else, idk. Anyway, I gotta say that guy is creepy, lol. Now the funny thing is my uncle steve shows up he's a cop. He shows up around 2 ish and eats early. Then around 4 my uncle frank shows up along with shell, Dion , and my grandma. My mother asks me when I'm heading back I tell her tonight. She says no and everyone points out my tire. 

Here's where I hang my head say I deserved the punishment of Saturday morning more than anything. I wanted to be home in time to have a party, honestly. She tells me that I'm staying and that they are gonna have the tire replaced in the morning. I say fine well can have my uncles 20 dollars to put in my tank cuz we burned all the gas I put in literally! He tells me no. Now I'm really pissed off! He bugs me and manipulates me into leaving earlier, uses all my gas to get here and refuses to pay when we get there...I say fine and try to let that shit go. Thanksgiving was good, family, food, and the after dinner laughs. As usual, gotta love em. So I fail to really sleep after watching a movie with the family. I have a cold and sleeping on a couch doesn't make it any easier. 

The next morning my cousin pooht shows up, he is one of my cousins that's cool not exactly a role model for no man is perfect but a good person nonetheless. He brought me two tires to put on my car considering they were larger than my set. Now I know what your thinking, mix-match tires? Well I drive a mustang. So with that said mustang owners often have two different size tires on the car because it is a "rearwheel drive" car. Say that several times fast. This basicaly means smaller tires in the front and larger tires in the back. Now that does causes two things to happen to me. 

Less chance of fish tailing, but depending on the situation it can cost me less for tires than most people. Reason being is I'm not buying a whole set of tires. On the the other hand I can not rotate my tires and I will simply just have to replace them. 

Anyway back to the story. My cousin and I went to the family owned garage. Which was odd becuase these men worked as if the work wasn't desired. I looked around and noticed that they has no competition and most of the people in the area had to come here or drive much further for the same service. I find out that my cousins tires are 3 inches too tall and that I wouldn't be able to go over bumps because of how low my car was to the ground. So I just purchase one tire.

When I get to my other cousins house my mom says call me before you leave. I say I can't I need gas clarence didn't leave me the money. Now she's irritated and tells me to go to my uncles house and get the money. She calls him before indrive over there, to find out he's not there. She gets in touch with him and tells her he will pay her back. That royally pissed me and her off. She fills my tank and I hit the road. 

Party time! I get really fucked up, there was about 13 people at house that night not counting myself and 3 others. So it was nice not too many people but plenty of beer pong. I tools shotof 1800 silver tequila. That night I was sick and blew chunks. The next morning I threw chunks until about 3 pm. I was in alotta pain...

I deserved it! I threw a party in my house with women, beer, and marijuana. I was having a great time, not spending it with my family, lik I should have been! Served me right not being there. I really did have to work Saturday, I was so sick I couldn't even dial in. The fucked up part is  I know this week is about to be hectic...

I've spent all day at home by myself, and I took a bath and the name of this entry came on. It reminded me of someone, and the night asssociated with it...

Hahah yeah, she learned alot that did I! In the park after dark and not getting caught, is pretty nice ;). Memories man! Anyway the title fits because I remember feeling like such a child while I was with my moms side of the family. 

Them fixing my tire and helping me and not being grateful that someone somewhere does care about me. So after the party ends and the silence begins, I should be grateful not resentful of there help. 

Food for thought...


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