Sunday, November 14, 2010

As a writer I have to say

As a writer I have to say Why not write for the simple fact that someone else can read it and understand it? Whether or not someone agrees isn't the point. The fact is human communication is necessary to life itself. "No man is an island." The topic of writing in today's world more than speaks to me, I feel it. The writer shouldn't horde there thoughts let alone forget them. It makes sense, the saying that is. History is nothing more than a story told from a perspective of, valuable information, invaluable and worthless information. So I say to anybody who is afraid to publish there thoughts, what other reason do you not have to write? Other than the simple fact that your message or thought, sparked some kind of reaction...

Writers are just like artist of other genres of forms of art. We are creative with the basic form or foundation of the one technology we as a people should proud of. Speech...

Write your thought down and publish it...who cares about the judgement of what you think! Literally? Who cares? Why is that important? What you feel is what you are capable of communicating to the person that you are speaking to, not what you think you are saying...misunderstandings? Sound familiar?I remember that somewhere I read that more than 60% of fights are over defending memory in fights amongst couples...Says alot don't it?

Anyway I am trailing...

Basically be fearless in some of your posts...who cares what negative reaction someones going to have about it


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Faith Carter said...

Couldn't have said it better myself :)


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