Monday, November 1, 2010

its the first of November

They say give it ya best, but i always give em my worst
through the flames of  my failure this is what gave birth
through a mouth of confusion, people hear my words
understanding thoughts that made no sense when i heard
the verbs of birds cluckin words you neva heard, hit the curb
Hazey gettin hazey wit ya lady while she yellin please dont play me
buring wit my ninjas in the winter killin splinter
turtle green kermit in the shell of december
flavor off the wall so good i cant remember
tryna find my passion dawg, im tryna find the winner
somebody please remind me why im such a sinner
Cuz her ass is mighty fat but waist is mighty thinner
yeah i said it dawg im tryna get up in her
no man is ever perfect, just gut the dutch and place me in the center
so break me down and roll me up, and you can spark me in the winter
Flame me up!


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