Monday, August 23, 2010


I know I shouldnt
I know good and gotdamn well I shouldnt but I can't fight this much longer

Damn I miss ya
yes yes I miss ya
I miss ya
I'm jus dieing to kiss ya
I'll do what ever it takes just to get ya
what ever I gotta do just to never split with ya
ill take everything I own and trade it all just to be wit ya
and all I ask for in return is the truth when you wit me
baby your unforgettable and I just wanted you and me to be
and at the end of the night all I hope is that
you think of me
all I hope is that
You think of me
all I hope is that
You think of me
cuz I'm tryna be unforgettable.....
>>>[Unforgettable- Drake and Jeezy]<<<

Never thought a spark could cause a war, I know I shouldn't, and I'm not tryna start any trouble...

but damnit I fuckin miss you....


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