Sunday, August 29, 2010


SPAMMERS...As an artist I wanna be known as the "artist who actually wants to know who you are"if youre a fan I do actually want to get to know you...I mean if you a fan holla at me...I am approachable...I might even approach but if you wanna talk business, Talk To Me! ,the internet is not a place for the business man, sure there is business on the internet but the internet business isn't personal...As my enemy holla at me thats all I can say...if you anybody, a new homie, holla at me...anybody holla at me...and if you ask me about haters my reply will be I don't know of any...though I dont know anybody that I dont get to know so who are they?..I mean even if I make enemies, I will know them, I would not consider a hater as my enemy, thats belittling my enemy...They are strangers to me...If you are my enemy then you must be a certain caliber of person to be considered an enemy...I'm taking applications for those who wanna

I am not on the internet, on this blog talking about what I wish to talk about its a release... not anything else so don't attempt sell me anything...

I use the internet for this...VVV and music, FB, email things of importance to me not you....
Call me nerd but this is music isnt bad either


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