Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Your Screams

Your tried your hardest, I'm so damn difficult I made it impossible. It wasn't you, its me...and since then all I've been doing is workin on me

you still fail to realize what I did for you
no amount of words can turn blinds, its true
I'm impossible because I'm afraid to accept this
its always the same bullshit
They tell me life is hard but falling in love much is harder
Rap can be easy, but is even easier if your last name is Carter
a friend of mine showed me the good side of being selfish
someone finally put my madness in check by being selfless
I'm different and for years I strived to be average
and everyday I fail, seems like my lifes unwritten classic
the camera lens are never flashin
im tryna make some sense of it all but yet my minds stuck between the madness
and what coulda happened
movin forward tryna find a solution to it all
im so self centered i feel too good for the mall
I think its pity to fret over a label
especially when families is struggling to keep food on the table
with wars on different fronts im just tryna fall asleep at night
it seems everybodies got somebody to talk to right?
everybody but me, let no one in and thats what I get
lost in translation, phone calls never made it
but blunts are passed to the left, and beef with my right
black flags around my head, but your on my mind tonight

>>>[Unforgettable- Drake & Young Jeezy]<<<


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