Tuesday, April 5, 2011


So ends another one...yup I'm single again...lol...im sure your thinking when were you not single...lemme put it this way I was with her officially for a 8 days...lol...i mean seriously its kinda funny...if you ask me...but oh well she like so many other girls said one thing and were feeling a completely different thing...In many, well in truth I felt her break up coming and I expected it and in so many words was praying for it. Since we got together I was looking for a way, thats a damn shame right?? I found it funny that while talk to my psychiatrist she told me that I didn't even like her...then she breaks up with me right afterwards...She said she doesnt know what she wants...shes thinking about someone else at night...and those words didnt hurt, tear, rip or even phase me...I guess the doc was right...I hope she is cuz if I see something and it hurts imma be pissed that I feel anything at all...



Alison said...

man, i didn't know you were in a relationship! we have a lot to catch up on.

HaS the Turtle said...

hahahahah im mad i didnt reply til the relationship was over...lol...oh well we caught up tho :P


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