Saturday, April 30, 2011

ive had quite a bit to drink tonight

with that said lemme speak my mind

lemme say this but umm I'm not a hater but this song is pretty hateful

bitch I fucking hate you

everything about you

your walk
your voice
your talk
to your choice
of who deserves to be in your life
and who don't

im not a hater but i wont
let this hatred consume me
like the red stuff runs through me
your nothing but a memory of yesterday

if i could id erase you
id fucking replace you
and turn everything we had into planes

shoot them down from the sky 
while we smoke and float high
fuck you bitch Im on to better things

you fill my dreams with those things
that remind me of us and of all that i trust
and I cant seem to forget what you said when you left
so I run to the sun and with hope in each step
ill take one last breathe
and say fuck you and everything thats left

so Ill take my chance with you and all of this shit
fuck you bitch
i deserve so much more

bitch I hate you

all thats about you

from your walk
to you talk
to your voice
and your choice

of who stays in your life and goes

im a man of real dreams
and my eyes read the seams
of the stitch in your lies
their right in your eyes

fuck your hopes and your dreams
i know it aint what it seems
im a hater and your just a win

but every lie you once told
it made me so cold
and now im just afraid to forget

the bullshit i heard
and pain i endured
fuck you bitch in my eyes your a bird



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