Tuesday, April 12, 2011


On Twitter, yes I have a twitter (,_,#) let the judgement pass(@Haze_da_General), on twitter one of the trending topics is #bittersweet and low and behold you instantly pop into my mind

I said, "I go anywhere in Atlanta and remember what we did there...now we don't even speak #bittersweet"

thus this post is in someway shape or form justified I guess...

because the memory of you is bittersweet...

For, dear Jesus, years now I've been trying to understand your silence.

I think I've put together a loose group of ideas to help me get past it.

1st off you do not want to admit you were wrong or anything you said was a lie or anything you said and or did was not entirely truthful

2nd We could never be just friends at some point the friendship would turn sexual again

3rd You did something after we were done that would make it impossible to even face me in normal conversation

4th You simply just never want to speak to me again, for reason you judge to be apparent and are directly in front of me

I don't know I hope one day we can at least talk even if its from a distance...2 years is a long time...

I dont need to say it...
hmu stranger

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