Monday, January 24, 2011


I am conflicted.

I like you, you are a lot like me, a friend I can't see myself actually losing but anything is possible. Its hard to type today, so excuse the typos please.

I don't wanna send the wrong message to you
at the same time I wanna send the correct one too.
How can I put this? I'm usually great with words but now at this moment I am all but confused.
I can be your friend but that means more space must be used
I don't want to care about the picture that stands
because everyone makes castles in the sand.
Your a lis d fluer yellow is your aroma
I want what I can have that is my glaucoma
visions of what I want are blurry and fuzzy with burn marks around it
the smell of whats real is haughty yet your smile surrounds it
how do you give up when you've barely even started yet?
move on like yesterday and the day before last i guess
when its all said and done my path is restricted
go or stay its all just conflicted


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