Sunday, January 23, 2011


I was instructed by a friend of mine to an article about racism in America. Well I really don't have much to say about the topic though I do deal with racism. I live in the South, I am of Mixed descent but my appearance just screams african american male. I have an Arabic first name and to the uneducated my last name is too though technically its Spanish Moor NOT Arabic. Anyway I've dealt with the N word being dropped at a predominately white party, I dealt with people over the phone asking if I have an American name, I have been held on numerous accounts to my own memory on bogus allegations that I have Illegal substances in my car, I have been held in line longer in security at the airport because of my name.

I will say that racism is apart of American culture we are all color blind until it matters. I mean African Americans are racist in some ways, I'm sure other cultures see race and recognize the differences in culture as well.

 Is it right? Of course not!

People shouldn't use the differences amongst themselves to divide or to outcast for any reason. In my opinion racism begins with words that at first seem harmless. Then one day become weapons. The problem with racism today is that it is institutionalized because it has been around since the beginning. Someone not liking someone for a reason that maybe valid towards an individual but not a sect of people.

My thoughts on racism personally?
It begins with the children of parents who were brought up a certain way. Everyone is different and that is what makes us all special. Although its those differences that we can never change that drive us apart.
-Hassan Omar


Sammy K said...

I had a conversation about this with my coworker just the other day. It's always amazing to me how mean and hurtful people can be. I'll never understand it myself.

HaS the Turtle said...

it blows my mind to be completely the same time its kinda sad to know that people like that still exist in the world


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