Sunday, January 16, 2011

2011 and hypocrisy

Lemme jus say this....and I don't usually go off unless provoked...hence the alter ego Oso

In order to get something you never had you must do something you've never done and its be 17 days into the new year and I am sick of hearing people say is 2011. Bitch I know what year it is...BTW this isn't addressed to one person, I'm a shotgun kinda man I'm sprayin everybody...So here is my list of DON'TS for the new year

  1. Don't call your ex
    1. an ex is an ex for a reason
  2. Dont delete your facebook
    1. this is not a life changing event
  3. Don't say its 2011 after bringing up old shit and try to move on after the fact
    1. nuff said
  4. Don't act brand new(this goes for any year tho)
  5. Don't make promises you can not keep
    1. your word is all you have
  6. Don't lead people on
    1. liars never prosper
  7. Don't be a smut
    1. just don't be nasty, just cuz you can get it dont mean you should
  8. Don't be the fool who fell for the same shit they fell for last year(hence number one)
    1. dumbass
  9. Don't say your making life changes just to delete your facebook and turn around in less than 6 months and make a new page
    1. if you are a drama filled person deleting facebook wont eliminate the drama if anything you are doing the rest of the world a favor and savin us the hassle of reading about it
  10. Don't be an asshole(this goes for me as
    1. be nicer, that is my new years resolution
  11. Don't keep telling that same friend your going to hang out when you know good and damn well you aint gon chill with them, just be honest 
    1. again liars don't prosper, just take the time to let the person know that you don't wanna chill with them definitely saves you the hassle of coming up with excuses...super duper utlra flexing ass nigga
  12. finally if you are going to make life changes you DO NOT BRAG ABOUT IT!
    1. I'm making changes to my life without flexin on the internet about it....if you are changing just do not need moral support to change....

til next time

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