Friday, September 18, 2009

Why Turtle Went To The Moon

Turtle faced a fork in the road of life, The road once ran straight but now there's a left and a Right. The road ran between east and west running north and south into the light. He had a companion but she went toward the sun, he went to the moon. You see he saw it like this.

You weren't my world my love
You were the Light above
The giver of life to this heart
You were the key from the start
I was merely a moon to this rock
I revolved around that spot
that revolved upon you
You see you were the Warmth
The smile through all the hurt
down here, to me, you are all in my mind
but in reality, you were literally my sunshine...

-Hazey also known as Turtle

>>>[Man On The Moon- Kid Cudi]<<<

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