Sunday, September 27, 2009

even in the midst

I wanna be angry I wanna be hurt
but whats the point of doing all that work
if you will never notice nor take a peak
a forgotten memory, newspaper from last week
to know in such a short time I was replaced
to know that you have already drawn over my face
A solemn look of disappointment and pain
You can't be the one, the sun shines but my eyes see rain
drops falling from chest cardinal colored to the tip
grittin' my teeth, banging on the door, screaming I can't get a grip
I got a ticket to place I thought was special and for the few
maybe I got a cheap knock off and he, well he got to the real you...



Anonymous said...

so is this supposed to be a comeback to my last post? (-_-)

HaS the Turtle said...

no...this post is a rather old post that i wrote a few months a way it could fit but in reality no


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