Saturday, September 26, 2009

Definition of a man

"Down through history men have always been measured by how hard they work and cultivated, how well the protected their wife and children. In the old days woman saw their man as conquerors, providers, heroes. But somewhere along the line that change, woman started to became their own hero, maybe it was because their man forgot to be relic or because woman don't want to be protected anymore or maybe woman had to be their own hero because of the pain they had to endure in life. But whatever the cause, the world took away a man's reason for being a man. It told him he wasn't important anymore and when that happened, it turn the whole world upside down." -Dave Johnson[Not Easily Broken]
Ok world I'm ready this time. Over the years I will admit that I have always been looking for that one thing that definitively makes a MAN. Me being of the materials and physical prowess of a man does not and will never actually make me a man. It was this line that made me see things in a bit clearer light. Purpose....

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