Sunday, September 6, 2009

who I used to be

I forgot who I used to be
That nigga with crips the only GD
7-4 til world blow, and All is One
fuck almighty the Creator is a better one
the 6 sides of t he 6 point star
love life loyalty knowledge wisdom understanding
the alphabet the meaning behind our star
Everything...I forgot everything

There was a point in my life that honestly many people will never understand but those who were involved. It was last night, that I remembered where I came from. I was, well I am A Gangsta Disciple. I am not a Crab. No I am not Crip. I am not apart of an 8 ball alliance. That shit don't even exist. David and Tookie and Budha grew up that same time and at no time during growing up could they afford to or even possibly met the crips on the west coast. I know the Meaning of the Golden Pitch Fork. I know Larry Hoover betrayed our king to take power. I know shorty was a LT and led the BDs against us. I know the year we were created. 1974 on the corner of **** and Brown. I swear I know too much and that part of my life is a closed chapter. I am however glad its over. I know we originally banged the color brown... But that side of me is closed and done and just recently I remembered the stupid shit I was once involved in. I'm glad I mad it out...many people can't say the same...


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