Monday, January 11, 2010

Just so I can Sleep(Case Closed)

For the past few weeks now I've been sick and shut in. The recent lose in my family is very bothersome I will say. We hate that he's gone. I'm blown away really.

As much as I want to make this post about him and the memory of him I can't (the post After this one will be in memory of him :] ). I've pretty much lost a large chunk of faith in people in general.

So everyone forgive me for what is being said here but I need to get this off my chest. These words are much more than anybody would ever deserve.

Yesterday was a very powerful day for me. I was up and full of energy after a very uncomfortable morning. My cousin had me look into a girl who says we go to the same school. I decided to say whats up since she was talking to my cousin and why not I might be able to hang out with a few new people in the process right? Well the first sign to me that this was a THE DUMBEST BITCH I've ever had the gracious opportunity to speak to was on Facebook. She argued with me about what credits transfer and what credits don't from our school. She says to me none of our credits transfer that's how they keep you at our school and that she checked. Never mind I investigated at a few select schools and my credits DO in fact transfer. I let it go said hey we should chill when we're both on campus. I asked her how long had she been at my school. She said three months! I was like okay that's strike two! HOW THE FUCK ARE YOU GONNA ARGUE WITH ME ABOUT YOUR CREDITS TRANSFERRING, WHEN YOU JUST GOT TO THE GOTDAMN SCHOOL!

*clears throat* I said oh I've been here almost two years. She's like damn wasted credits if your tracsferring. I also let that shit go. She then proceeds to give me her number saying she's got to go and calls me a cutie. [not to sound like my head got big but after two strikes she needed something to keep her as atleast a friend] I was okay I'll ttyl. She says text me now I can't find my phone I do. She then proceeds to tell me she's going on a date. I'm like oh thats whats up. I didn't care I don't want the girl she's not my type.


She tells me she met the guy at a bar(she's only 19) and was kinda drunk. I'm thinking Strike 3. First of all if you find it in the club leave it at the club don't date it! Now she tells me he's fugly, sorry but i laughed so damn hard at this dumb bitch. I ask where did he take you and wow you were so drunk that you didn't remember him being ugly. She says Barncles. I'm 20 in less than 28 days :] and I know, I KNOW that barncles is a fucking sports bar that guys between 28-50 go to on the weekends to avoid their wives. I ask her how old is he and he sounds cheap. She says 35, I'll repeat that again 35! SHE'S 19(her birthdays in september *cough*)

Now anyone with their right state of mind KNOWS that if you don't remember what they look like why date them? I asked her did you know this prior to your date. She says NO. Strike 4 and 5 yes people she gets 2 strikes for that dumb shit. If you don't know this man, don't remember what he looks like and don't know his age and STILL PROCEED TO GO OUT ON A DATE WITH HIM?! You ma'am are a dumb bitch.

*Clears throat*

I laughed at this bitch. She then proceeds to call me. I was in the shower I text her back and said you rang? She says you couldn't call me back. [I'm wet, naked and in a towel.] My mom proceeds to tell me the horrible news of my 5 year old cousin Sean's death today. I just stop talking to her. She texts me again. I say I'm going to bed I have a migrane and my cousin has just died. She texts me WHAT. I repeat the damn text message because apparently she's illiterate too.

I then need to go down stairs and speak to my cousin to see if he knows. She messages me on facebook saying, migrane huh? lose my number. I say IDK what to say to you really my cousins dead but okay I will. She says damn, Fuck You. You are a Liar.


She says lose my number and stop talking to me go fuck yourself. I was kinda feeling you up until now. You've been cool all day until now.[hmmmm I WONDER WHY?! and I wasn't feeling you like that, nor was I talking to you like that from the jump bitch I DON'T KNOW YOU LIKE THAT NOR AM I ATTRACTED TO YOU IN THAT MANNER, and you have too many strikes on your record for just meeting you.]

What is the world coming to when a person can accuse me of lying about the death of a little boy to whom I'm related and seen him grow? He was only 5, he was born with two lungs but only one works the other didn't develop. He wasn't supposed to have made to kindergarten. But he was a fighter and he made it to school, it just kills me inside...

I'll talk about my cousin later. For now FUCK DUMB BITCHES FA REAL, dumb bitches are the last thing I want to deal with in the midst of such a lose in my family...

Case Closed Next!


T. The Destructor said...

Wow. Yeah, I would have lost her number right around that transfer credit shit. I hate it when people who don't know what they are talking about try to educate ME. That is probably in the top 5 of my pet peeves. I am sorry you went through that, and at such a time. This is why no one will ever set me up with ANYONE, will not recommend ANYONE EVER. Damn.

HaS the Turtle said...

Funny thing about it is I met her the same day and I get all of this and we weren't even talking like that...

<3LDubb said...

She effed up big time!
your friend is right, she shoulda been outta the picture after the trasfer credit stuff, but i can't talk...clearly i had my own fiasco w/ that youngin from the club LOL
At least you know better now.
Sorry to hear about your cousin too.
<3 I'll keep you and their family in my prayers.



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