Friday, January 15, 2010

Wasn't sure what to call this

"Why am I always writing?... I've been having a lot of headaches lately...I've been sick for a few weeks now...Because I'm always thinking... ...Maybe I need to take a break from a few things..."My own mind" is at the top of my list. It seems like last year was really tiring..."

- From my personal writings

I found this thought in one of personal writings on my itouch today (after a bit of editing). I guess in some ways when a person thinks that to themselves in class at 7pm on Wednesday you kinda take a hint. So I'm gonna to do that, a take a break from writing on my blogger and just focus on school for a little while...Be back in a few weeks i guess...

I think somebody's helpful hint finally sunk in now that I think of it....

I'll post a few personal thoughts in the mean time tho...

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Glo said...

get out of your head.
instead of being pure thought, logic, thought and reason... be raw. be a drum beat... feel the ideas coming from ur hands... from your toes tappin... you know what ia mean.


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