Friday, December 4, 2009

Hazeys rant

Hazeys rant- Feeling Good- muse

What would I do in that position?!
Try to make them play my shit or try to make em listen?
well here's one for the split ends
Children, please sit down and listen
I am not your species but I am one gods children
I am but a mere shell to those amongst the living
I walk amongst you as dog on villian
No I don't breathe like you but I am not living
I'm a dead gone shadow of what's to come
A ghost from the future,
The perils of time hold no bounds to me
Poetic justice is a mustes, no it ain't a word
But poetry flows out my mouth like I act my verbs
My nouns, sentence structure and punctuation
The rebirth of soul in music has been steadily awaiting
My final arrival in a world of nay-Sayers
The wanna be ballas-hustlas-and claim stakers
Hustlin up a dolla with their sacks and scales
They only deal so they can make records and set bail
Yet you idiots all listen and play they shit loudly
So hip hop is dead it just needs a new man to stand proudly
And represent the real people besides the fake chains
Not all black musicians need to be tied to the drug game
Why am I the only one buying the 5 and 10 sacks of green
I mean the trees killed to make they whack album cover sheets
while the songs had me twisted the block had me downshifted
Being somebody I'm not is not something I can persist at
So to all you rappers out there, grab ya fitted caps
Ya Trey eights, 5ths and Ks, Cuz when The RGz walk through ya board meeting
That's all you'll be needing, you a hustla make some money doing what you do best
You know make a way outta no way and leave music to the people that do it best
I'll I hold the gun and squeeze the trigga on you whack niggas
Ladies and gentle, this is what real rap is, it's not just rims, breasts, and second rate thugs
hip hop ain't dead it's just been waiting for someone to pull the plug
Stop feeding these beasts, they can eat without you buying they tracks, lame
They got money for days, piss alcohol and bleed champagne
The rebirth of music as a whole rests solely on my name
Here is my entry to music, and my claim to the game
I won't wife her, she's been passed around to much to give her my name
So with that said it's time to move this shit forward
Hazeys coming home to make you humans feel stupid not just a lil awkward


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