Tuesday, December 22, 2009

All things come to an end

I don't care what people say
I know the truth anyway
What goes up must always come down
for every smile a frown
for every up there is a down
in life one must take the good with the bad
you learn to be happy only by first being sad
for every story a beginning, middle and end
for every relationship you must become friends
but even then there comes a time when
that once pretty view changes course around the bend

In life you learn not all people are nice
you don't always get what you deserve
bad things don't always happen to those who aren't right
and good people pay for the damages others serve
You learn that not people become trusted friends
not all lovers hearts every truly mend
that no matter you do some people just won't bend
you learn that some things for some reason never change
but all the good things in life seem to always remain
a memory in that point in time

It was with those words that I write these words:

Nothing Lasts forever, nothing. The best things are always short lived. You can find yourself completely wrapped up into your own life and forget somebody or something and remember too late. Cherish every last moment you have with those you love and care for this Holiday season.

Even the Pyramids of GIZA will one day fall...

(this isn't supposed to be a sad post just a PSA...love those close to you, you may not have them tomorrow)


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