Sunday, December 13, 2009

Brown Eyes

Brown eyes

In a room of unfamiliar faces you were all but those words
Dressed to kill in heels and a sexy outfit, sex is your verb
Describing you to the feet is an understatement
Clearly you were the person to which I'd been waiting
To be seen on the scene by a set of brown eyes
Flirting from across the room I remember those thighs
Not from an encounter but from an interesting time
Back when you weren't so scarce to the phone line
Hitting me up about things and seeing how they going
You give me my first shot and the nights liquor kept pourin'
To me it's kinda funny how you eyed me down
Every move I made you seemed to follow with your brown
Brown eyes can't hide what's real
I look at you and see some of what you feel
A boriqua all day from the Bronx my way
She walked to me all smiles yet had nothing to say
Her eyes seemed like someone elses
Was this the booze or you? Swear on love I've never felt this
She was with her man I think that's why she didn't stray
Stuck to his hip but her mind was walking with me every step of the way
Can you believe I felt all that in 5 minutes and yet nothing held me back
I bounced and let her know, she told me to come back
And when I did something else was going round like flies
But even amongst the chaos all I saw was a pair of brown eyes...


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