Sunday, October 5, 2008

what is love

So i been on this lil planet for about 18 so odd years now and I've come across one little thing that everybody can't live without yet can never explain in the same way....simply put the natural necessity for LOVE...yeah that four letter word....the one that some of us are lucky enough to have witnessed and been apart of, yet also the very same victim of....the taker of lives, the starter of wars, the cause of peace, the one thing that can bring you up and break you down...the bringer of life and the cause of death....the shaker of the heart and the calmer of souls....Love is passion in my eyes....something no one can live without...I asked many of people to define love

-Sabrina Bamberger:"Some one you would die for"
-Stephanie Amae: "Love is when you cry at night and you think about them all day long and even though they dont speak to you if you hear they've moved on you smile and say I'm happy for you, when all you want to do is cry.There is no past tense to love either you do or you never did thats love"
-Alison Bell: "That's hard...But I know its much more than a feeling. Its not infatuation. Its a verb and is demonstrated. Its not prideful and forgives. Its patient and kind and rejoices in the truth. Love protects, trusts, hopes, preservers, and never fails. but no matter how you try to define it, its more than words."
-Alejandra Escobedo: "Giving a reason to live life at the fullest with no regrets and having no reason for insecurity sadness and depression. Having that unexplainable goosebumps with no reason. The thought of them in your head"
-Lauren: "It is something that you cant feel or see. Its something felt with the heart. Breath taking. At times it makes you blind to other things that surround you."
-Laura: "Damn I dont even know how to describe it"

Donna Mathieu: Love- the strongest most powerful emotion that nothing can break or bend. Love is the greatest thing about life. There are really no words that can fully define love or how great it is!

Those were all i got as of 4-15-2008

the song on my page is by mary j blige....I been there...being in love....its a great feeling you wake up in the morning and know your loved by someone is one of the greatest things on earth to know in my opinion. I mean your family and friends should always love you...but to be loved outside of that is what we as humans crave and desire. Many of us lose sight of it and think its things like sex, money, power, my mind those are extentions of love that were taken out of context...Love is the root of evil and the tree of life....Love is something i need in my life i'm starting to think i found it but just not in the way i want it to be...I love many people...but one i love so differently its amazingly i'd do anything to get things back to the way they are supposed to be....i found the key to get the relationship back but i just dont know if the love is strong enough to spark that flame back and get it burning again...idk...i have the worlds greatest best friend in NY i love her so much its to the point where i cant look at anything and remember her cuz its painful....idk...what does a soul do when it feels like they found what they want out of love yet cant reach it....the soul wants that particular love and nothing more nothing less....but the mere thought of trying seems to just be a failure.....

SO I ASK YOU what is LOVE?
define it...spell it...draw it...tell me figure out if my heart is in the right place... thanks


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