Sunday, October 5, 2008

the vine

Seems like this is always on my mind-
tick tock click clock no need to read the time-
cuz you never leave the confines-
of this 6 walled box connected to my spine-
and with everything i see you attached like a vine-
a simple touch begins to rewind-
and take me back to a time-
when i put a smile on your face-
yet somehow with your past i’m in a constant race-
to bad i’m always in last place-
i seem to catch up but they seem to change pace-
and while i’m looking at them another quickly relates-
so while i’m not looking he steals the food from my plate-
and leaves me jaw dropped when i look up at your face-
dangerously in love with you, do anything to not be what you had-
take anything i get from you good or bad-
heartbroken, happy or sad-
do anything in the world just see if you’ll follow my voice-
and see that with me you must make the same choice-
yeah i fuck up and make you mad and such-
but when you love someone truly you can never get enough-

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