Thursday, October 16, 2008

inside my mind

I dont trust anyone!

honestly i dont...
I have a sinful amount of pride
and have no faith in anyones abilties
i judge people without knowing them
i could careless about others feelings
until i hurt them and see the ramifications of my
actions. these are my thoughts from day to day
i snoop and snoop til i dig up the truth about people
its like i can't help it i must have proof
you say you care well
i'll say i believe you
but you can best believe i'm gonna dig to
find the truth
once i do i hold you to it
if you break it, OMFG for some reason its like
you may never be trusted by me again
i dont know what my problem is really

I question my feelings, my motives, i question my faith
my beliefs, my own self esteem even
I trust no one, not even myself :(
so i walk alone usually
always trapped inside my head asking questions
and searching for answers nobody asks really(unless your a dork or 100% like me)
i see my girl friend
i see my mother
i see my best friends
i see that i barely know what the fuck i'm doing
honestly i do what feels right
i dont put massive amounts of thought into
anything i do really
if it feels right
i do it
if it feels wrong i question it
and most of the time
it feels wrong...
you can ask me a question about anything that has a yes or no answer
and i wont answer you with a yes or no
why....CUZ if you havent already read in the above
statements i question everything and think to much
i'm f'n neurotic and to be honest
i think i may actually be ADD

just by reading my own shit i can see my mind jumping from topic to topic
to topic, idk...:/
yo no fuckin se


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