Sunday, October 5, 2008

I dare to dream

I dare to dream-
I dare to never let anything kill myself esteem-
I have encountered many a obstacle-
I will accomplish what many deem impossible-
I was brought up better than that-
I am what you can never be as a matter a fact-
Who I am is pure pride, passion and "POWER"-
Those who can't go in my direction can just cower-
Because when the light shines on me, during my hour-
I will stand tall and never collapse and have my dreams devour-
The inner me will always stay true-
As true as my families black and blue-
While the world admires whose currently in the booth-
I'm still busy day to day delivering the whole truth-
I say I will make it, using every last breathe-
Nothing will stop not even my own death-

so today(12-29-2007) i was told i cant go where i wanna go to college becuz of money!
and you know what i refuse to let money set me back
so now i'm gonna have to go home to chicago and do 4 years there in business!
after that i can go where i want to
i hate it but damnit i gotta do what i gotta do you know
so dont ever let anything stand in the way of what you want
and since i preach it
i will follow it!
i set myself up to get where i am today
and i refuse to let anything stand in my way!
nothing will stop me
not even death...

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