Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Always, and Never

Maybe I have met the perfect girl
the problems are completely different than i ever thought they'd be
i mean at first glance you would see what I know
at first glance you'd go after her too
saying damn she's fine
damn she's smart
but every other nigga would turn and run if they knew what i knew
i feel strongly about her
she's worth the fight
it aint about my pride
but on this girl i will not just give up
she's showed me alot about myself in the short time i've known her
from what i should consider in myself to other ways of life
i feel like she's helping to point me in the direction my parents couldn't
not saying she's [God] or anything but she's doing things to me i cant even begin to explain
my heart was confused on things it had never thought of be4
i remember saying to her "I aint what you're used to"
funny thing is...she should've been saying that to me
she makes me smile in ways nobody else ever has
i like it
someone said to us today
"You two are in love"
she responded before i did
"YEAH! We are!"
never had that before
never had someone i knew wasnt going anywhere
never had someone who wanted me there not needed me there
never been able to write about someone like this before

I always used to say i want a girl thats into me as much as i to her
from what i see, she is
I always used to say i want a girl i can be friends and lovers with
from what i see, she is
I always used to say i want a girl that will meet me halfway
from what i see, she does

It scares me how great she is to me
It scares me how close we are already
It scares me i almost let her pass me by

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★»»[Jezzuka]«« said...

<3 <3 <3
all i can really say... is that I love me some vanilla swirls!! :D


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