Wednesday, July 13, 2011

when i need a reminder

this post was actually going to be a long drawn out compliant about my life and it s frustrations but instead im going curve this muthafucka and take a look at the people, the moments, and the opportunities being handed to me by God

  • I have gained 5 of the best friends I'll probably ever have as an adult
  • I have gained a sense of self
  • I have gained a standing point for who I am mentally, emotionally, and spiritually
  • I have gained a stronger bound with my mother and even stronger bound with my brother
  • I have become closer to my friends than I ever have before
  • I understand my own thought patterns
  • no kids
  • no criminal record
  • a job(which i will soon be quitting :])
  • good health
  • good looks(i have an ego too you know)
  • and EVERY MOMENT  IN MY LIFE that has improved my life thus far(travel, education, certain people)
  • I have gained a car that I will most likely have until i am much older
  • I have gained the chance to break new grounds on who i am as a person in another state
  • I have gained a much broader picture of what it takes to really be successful in life
  • I have learned so much about myself since graduation that this move to NY on the 9th of August(bought my ticket saturday the 9th of July)

though I may feel as though i am failing at it now, i know with God my path is only bound to be an enlightening one...

In this life I have been asking for too little which is why I am always disappointed in the outcome of things, I learned to ask for more than what you want, because that way you are more likely to get exactly what you want...

i have much to complain about, but in the bigger picture of things its small...very small compared to literally anyone... I could complain about my job, my pay, my lack of the ability to save a dime, my excessive drinking and smoking, my paranoia with moving, my guilt when it comes to my mom and bro, etc!

But tonight I'm just going to say Thank You! and remember the list up there

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