Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Evil thoughts and The Sermon

Evil Thoughts

Was it a mistake to say a thing to you?
I try to have faith but it slips and fades
throughout the day I show a different shade
I love you and you know it too
say it back but are your words true?
Do you understand what I feel
Do you understand what is real
Things that seem the same sometimes change
I know I said I don't expect anything
But would a text from you really mean anything?
a phone call or letter
talking about sex or even the weather
which is better?
a best friend who is unpredictable
or a lover whom isn't really believeable

Love is

The theme for this year is Love, Irony.

The sermon was on Love. The reverend told us to write down these 4 categories and grade ourselves OBJECTIVELY from 10 being the best and 1 being the worst. The categories were Pride, Envy, Rude Behavior, and Evil Thoughts.

The Reverend explained these categories one by one sorry I dont remember every word I just got down what I could catch that really stuck out to me.

"Nothing in the bible is as important and vital as love because God is Love."
First Corinthians 13:1-7
Pride- Love isn't prideful- anger or taking responsibility for your success- 5   
Envy- Love does not envy- comparing what you have to what others have- 5      
Rude behavior- love does not behave rudely- 6 
Evil thinking- Love does not think evil- suspicious thinking, dwelling on the thoughts of others- the ill natured thoughts of dwelling on the thoughts of others- 1  

God you just calmed my spirit with this sermon. Thank you Lord for answering my questions.  

What stuck to me the most was Evil thoughts because it was what I was dealing with all week. Recently I told my best friend somethings that I regret because I make them more complicated than they are. I have to tendency to dwell on other peoples thoughts and words and actions. Questioning the purity of there motives and actions. I have this unquenchable desire to find the truth when its just too good or too bad to be true. I don't take things as they are. My evil thoughts were strong enough to take me to a point where I questioned whether or not my best friend just felt sorry for me all these years or if she actually loved me, if so how much? Evil thoughts was where I scored the lowest it woke me up to be honest, and answered all my questions without a problem. In many ways I feel better about the situation I have before me and in other ways I feel as though I am in still in the dark. I guess I need more answers, Im not sure what else can be

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