Sunday, June 6, 2010


I'm breaking my silence and giving you guys a sneak peak at whats to come...Enjoy

how did you turn anger in to silence
confusion into clear cut brilliance
somebody explain to me 
why is it that he 
father to him and me
the betrayer
the perpetrator
of the story told by 3
with hopes I shall see
my dreams come to bloom
like trees burned in the room
the smoke can only consume
the given space of whom
you can assume
that doors closed
time heals all wounds
the thoughts were for those
why do I think you left my heart exposed
so to you it has been closed
sympathy is a form of trust
so watch and heed my words
they tend to fly like birds
it seems the situation
has restored my patience
road is tuff and seems taken
im moving forward and thats blatened
futures callin and I refuse to keep it waiting

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