Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Freeda Um

This a song i'm workin on I hope it makes to the air waves one day...I aint looking for stardom or fame or to be the best just a little recognition and some faithful fans would be nice...

Dear Freeda Um....

Like the famed bird I sing in a cage
I come from the land of the free the home of brave
Land of green trees and the home of the slave
Where a man's greens face is for what I crave
Break your back and show no pain show no shame
My dreams of losing it all is nightmare in my days
Every night we pray for a better way
Skins dark eyes brown name Islamic some say
"Is that an American name?" I'm sorry what did you say?
My family's historys been erased both sides I must say
Foreignors look at us for lost and sinned up in our ways
Honor is a forgotten virtue of what we claim
But in this land virtues are pointless, most adopt our ways
Change your clothes, change your tongue, while you at it grow some waves...
be it corn rolls, dreadlocks or fades no matter what fuck what they say
Freeda Um just to have you what a price we had to pay...

Freeda Um Freeda Um Freeda Um Freeda Um
let this weed burn on ya tongue
green is what we need yet we form some
just to get a little taste of whats to come
Freeda Um


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