Monday, April 13, 2009

tale of the fisherman

Ladies and Gentlemen I now present to you the extent of H.a.S.'s free and unlimited mind
please feel free to laugh, cry, question, doubt, argue any thing you want with me after reading the entire entry.
I now present:

The Fisherman's Tale

It's 6:29 am on Sunday, September 29th 2013 and I am pulling my small but roomy boat into the lake. Its time to catch myself some dinner. I have been craving myself some fish for about a good week now. Understand that I am an older gentleman, 53, to be exact. I have been fishing in this same lake since I was sixteen. I see life to be so much like fishing sometimes its not funny. Life is calm and peaceful if you make it that way. You can make it fierce and violent if you so choose. Although for the most part life is but a fishing trip. When the trip is over either you have something to show for the fruits of your labor or, well, you don't. I will say that there is one part of life that is so much like fishing that its not funny. You may or may not agree with me but through all my years I have come to a conclusion about the most important aspect to our existence. Love is what I'm talking about. It's a confusing little number in everyone's life that no one really knows how to navigate. It seems like an impossible river for some to even fathom to cross and to others its not so bad, tough, but nothing too extreme. Now I say love is like one aspect of fishing for many reasons.
{line of my fishing rod snags and begins to reel away}
And this my friend is the reason I compare Love to fishing. At that split second in time was literally what really defines Love to me. When your fishing line begins to reel out. I bet you are asking yourself what in the world is this old man getting at and why will he not get to the point?! Well here it goes. I as the fisherman have only two options when that line snags much like in love. When that line tugs, I can either "A" let the line reel until the fish snaps the line or "B" fight to reel that fish in. When I decide to make a choice I have two more options and two consequences to deal with. Those two options are as follows. If you let the fish go then you don't lose anything but line and a hook. If you decide to fight this feisty Lil' fish, you then have to realize that you can lose this fish by fighting too much and not fighting enough.

But there is one thing I would like you to keep in mind while all this is happening. That fish for whatever reason became attracted to your lure and hook, once hooked you begin to hurt them.

Now, naturally you're hungry so you are going to fight back! So you are fighting this hurt Lil fishy and they are fighting for their lives and after a while that fish either has enough strength to swim away or get reeled in. Now lets assume you reel your Lil fishy in, okay? You have two options. Eat the fish or let the fish go. Now why on earth would you let the fish go right? That's for you to determine. Now let me get down to the nitty-gritty of what all this means. Your fishing line is your attractiveness to lure the opposite sex. The hook is love. Now if you are following this you should have already caught on so don't spoil it for me I like telling my explanation. Now once this fish/person is hooked it hurts like hell. You have them in ways they never saw imaginable regardless of their own independent emotions love HURTS! It's not a painless game. Your fishy then has to decide on whether or not it wants to allow the hook to reel them in what ever direction or fight to get away. Much like many people out there these days, the minute they get close they run for the freaking hills. Now if the fish fights the fish could snap the line which is what attracted them to you in the first place and get away or they could be reeled in. Being reeled in is literally a chances game. I, as a fisherman, may wanna toss them back and find another. The fish literally has no choice once its given in. The poor Lil thing is tired and in a lot of pain. Now lets go back to our earlier comparison. If you as a person become attracted to a person then get hooked with love the reason you hurt is because you are vulnerable. The fish feels the same way. The fish's fight or its life is you fighting not to be so vulnerable. Your fishing line is what attracted them to you in the first place, so if it snaps then obviously the person no longer finds you attractive. But my true question is in the split second when the line tugs and the fish realizes it's hooked when and where does the fisherman's state of mind and the fish's state of mind become tied and the efforts of one is the same goal as the others? Where in that split second do we has lovers decide to fight to love a person and decide to just let them go? Where in that extremely tiny lapse of time do we as the hooked fish to give in? The fish has options too you know. Now with all that said if the fish doesn't snap the line and the fisherman decides to reel in the fish the two are then working in unison for a common goal to reach a certain destination. When the two arrive at their destination is when all the pain and damage done to one another is realized. Sadly someone must get hurt. How so? Well either the fisherman eats or starves, or the fish lives or dies. No where in the equation does the fisherman keep the fish for a pet(except when you are working at an aquarium). Love is like fishing my friend, it hurts, its tough, its a desicion that could change your life for ever, literally! But mostly it has to happen, unless you are a hunter but I don't believe in hunting with a gun...bows and arrows are my fortay. Yes I'm half Native American.
Anyway its now 12:00 pm and its getting hot, time to change the bait. I love that saying there's plenty of fish in the sea problem is you don't hook every fish in the sea ;)

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