Saturday, April 25, 2009

deadly plea

Call this message a death note
begging god to kill me, suddenly close my throat
my heart is fuckin' weary so very hard to cope
there's no one left here to hear me, please send this last note
Tears run outta my eyes and nothing to catch em with
No time for jokes or wit
I swear god come get me I can't take it here no more
I know the heavenly gates aren't open but please make room for one more
And if not in your hands then send me to the other man
I feel it suits me much better, black clothes and wasted lands
fire brewing as far as I can see
burning for the rest of eternity, so much better than trying to sleep
I been asking you to kill me for quite a long while
Rain, sleet or snow Father please come get your broken child
Black heart and no play is keeping me at bay
If not kill me at least send me some way
to look in someone eyes and see some kinda of hope
give me a baby girl, through her I'll learn to cope
Worth more to the world than pure gold,
Her value unlimited I swear I'll never spend it
If I can't have that, then I don't wanna be alone crying in Lenox...lenox...lenox

[I'm not suicidal...]

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