Thursday, April 9, 2009

terrible mistake

Please note this is not an apology*
I know you don't want one*

What do you do when you made too many mistakes?
Turn around and start from a different place
put on a new facade, yeah a different face
I gotta say things got outta hand it was the way things went
I was mad in love and everything was new and different
I can safely say the same things went through you
I can see it in your eyes, baby I miss you too
I made so many mistakes and I can't take em back
I can't promise to not make em again, that's a fact
But let it be known nothing you ever say will change that
I will always feel like we were made for each other, remember that
We met on a sunny day, yeah in math class
you came in clumsy and mad late, couldn't help but laugh
but for some odd reason I couldn't keep my eyes off of you
I saw real love was what I could offer you, and true
things took off real fast but slow enough that we could grasp it
That way we took a hold of things and knew it could last, shit
and now that I'm looking back it was a beautiful thing
the places we went to and the simple things
you were always my good girl and never left my side
and I can't believe after this pain I let you cry
I dried your eyes when we had our first fight
sadly over the same shit but on a different night
we had the same damn argument over and over
and yet it never got through, that you wanted me and us and all that we do
I guess I still gotta grow up it still hasn't changed much
I'm trying to be the man you need and dream of and such
but instead I play on your heart and cause you to shut down
just when things were going good, I made a bad and you frowned
and Ma all I ever wanted to do was make you happy and make you smile
and all I've ever brought was, pain, confusion and a bad smile
I'd drive a thousand miles just to get you take me back
but I fuck up so much on the same shit, why would you ever do that?
I think I've said my piece on whats happened and whats going on
this a song for you boo boo, sweetheart, lil pececita of mine

I been thinkin bout
I been thinkin bout
I been thinkin bout u lately
Thoughts take me to when we were close
Addicted 2 your love, feel i need another dose
I know it's a feeling
That should be long gone
Things seem to come up
when I hear our song
Golden brown girl, it seem so long
Since i heard your voice
where did the king go wrong?
emotions that that they linger on
i guess cause i never knew a love so strong
so many hotgirls
i need your warm
the taste of your mouth
girl i need your warm
good food and love
i need your warm
this here was made before we were born
a dreamer, so i'ma keep dreamin on
it's kinda like the breakup of jen and vince vaughn

they say you don't know know know
what you got
til' what u got is gone
yeah i write such and such yo alot

but the feelings not as strong
we were like 2 birds
that were able to fly
i try to pick the right words to say to the sky
somedays i would try but wasn't able to cry
i never been good at sayin goodbye
i take a deep breath when the times is hard
when i reminisce over u, my god
i spent many years tryna be the heartthrob
i guess it's only right that i got my heart robbed
the scent of a room that reminds me of u
a hint of perfume it remind me of u
take a look at the moon it remind me of u
hope the stars and the gods
align me and you

We do what we do
and we do what we live
i luv this way
cause i got it as a kid
wit so much to give from it
i never hid
the love that i wrote on the mirror it got smeared
my friends say it was a change for the better
but i say, girl u changed my forever
relationships they can be as strange as the weather
rain or sun
we can sang this together

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