Tuesday, May 3, 2011

love and hate

i love the way you walk
but i hate the way you talk
if i flip and make you soft
you quick to cut me off
im feeling kinda lost
no matter the cost
ten toes down
would you still be around
if the money was on the ground
and shit aint taken off
how soon would you get lost
if things weren't so soft
the path life aint easy
but love is never breezy
and it aint to hard to please me
just stick around to squeeze me
and don't ever fuckin leave me
im man of harsh words
and ill kick you to the curb
if only i ever heard
that you did so ill gotten verbs
in short don't be a bird
ill catch ya when its all too late
flash backs in ya mind of our very first date
so chose wisely before its too late
if i love you you'll be a mate
or ill make you study the line of love and hate


guerrilla love nest said...

this poem starts off soft, slow, and sincere. you can really sense the love there. but then it slowly starts to spiral and all of a sudden it's a roller coaster down a bumpy and chaotic path, which is where you can really feel the tension and hate. both ideas in the title are represented and felt here. i really enjoy and relate to this poem.

HaS the Turtle said...

really? thanks!!! that means a lot...i was really worried that it mad no sense



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