Monday, October 18, 2010

zombie horse

riding this horse i finally did the math
after watchin us gallop but never going fast
i saw the dust coming
i saw the blood running
but even though the sun settled, i just kept gunning
hoping for the best and true ride or die shit
my dumb ass just didn't know when to mothafuckin quit
we say ride it to the wheels fall off
but what about when you dont know ya wheels are lost
me and my right hand, yeah me and that wo-man
seems as though now its just me with my heart in my hand
it finally added up when i subtracted the superhero
me and you, one minus one...
equals Zero...


OF COURSE this one comes with a story :)

i think about you TOO much...its almost sickening...i finally have some type of feeling towards you after all the empty hollowness that you created...

here it goes, I wrote this at work, in cubicle hell as my co-workers plot, unions, sick days and petitions for raises...yeah my job is interesting to say the least, this is a story for another day...

" the end of the day, knowing you, caring for and about you...was all pointless...why do i...well why did I meet you if its of no value  to your life nor mine...out of the entire situation, I gained nothing but material objects that mean nothing at this point...I didn't gain a life long friend, a lover, a partner, a confidant...nothing...but a name and number that should never be used for some unearthly reason...knowing you, left me with emptiness because the experience of losing you was empty in itself...that is what bothers me"


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