Sunday, July 25, 2010

2:30 am

why try to figure out what will never be discussed
what the fuck?
is everything I want something I must give up
switch up or change up
buck up or shut the fuck up
im lost man
and you can see it in my eyes
minds on the money, tho my hearts on the prize
with everything at stake its hard not to lose your pride
to fights
every night
of everything you've ever wanted
is what every celebrity has ever flaunted
the freedom, the access, not just money
boundless and open, bread water milk and honey
food of my dreams arent always what they seem
the bread is always green
and literally changes everything
the waters always cold but burns on the way down
milk is to soothe but even it soon turns brown
i gotta sweet tooth and that honey is a treat
sad part about is shes always a loose freak


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