Saturday, May 23, 2009

You are

Song to consider >>>[The Gift-Seether]<<<

You are the one who won't let me get past
You are the one who reveals the darkness behind the laughs
Image of a person who reminds me of scars
The flaws, because
The cause of the fake
The revealer of my mistakes
unearthing secrets I believed would never escape

The eyes of a liar
The hands of a writer
The eyes of power
aren't these the same hands from that shower
of the words you rained
drained, and stained on a page
You are the one who shows my weakness
and shows my meekness
The greatest foe I've ever had
The one whom I couldn't hide from,
saw the truth through my laughs

The sides I never reveal
you seem to un-conceal
Every time I see you it feels unreal
The power of your silence
The words un resilience
The things I see
the words I breathe
My shadows don't know the difference between us
The things you show me are the things between us

Why do you have to be so close to me
Why do you have to be so you, so me
The words unspoken, things become clearer
I love you, I hate you, DEAR Mirror.....

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