Saturday, May 30, 2009

A modest apology

Dear Love,

I must apologize. You have never wanted one, most likely never will. I had some thinking done today. Its not your fault I am basically alone. Its not your fault at all. I will admit I wish I had my friends here still. I shouldn't project that out on to you. I know you think I'm gassing this up but seriously this is how I truly feel. Its not your fault. I am sincerely apologetic for doing that. I'm glad you went out and had a great weekend this weekend. You deserve them more than anybody. I saw the pictures Soozi put up on facebook, you look like you had fun. I'm glad you did.I know for a fact that no weekends are like weekends with friends.
Seriously its not your fault I feel the way I feel. You aren't the person that needs to be my crutch. You shouldn't be forced to spend all your time with me because I have no friends of my own. You aren't the reason I feel like a nobody, because I have no friends. I apologize for creating that burden for you. I know its probably why you felt as though you had to always talk to me or call me or talk to me or spend all your time with me. I am also apologetic for placing that burden on our relationship as well.
I came to the conclusion that I am burdening you with my lack of a larger ring of friends. I place a weight on you that I am basically always alone. I should never do that. I am also apologetic for that as well.
I'm positive you'll have an even better summer this year than last year. 


>>>{The Fray- Look After You}<<<

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