Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I gave her too much power
She could call me at any hour
Delivering to her hearts tower
If she only would pay attention
Shut the fuck and listen Stop thinking with her head and listen to her hearts diction
It's calling for me
And with a little time I can pick up her call
Tell her what's within my walls
She's always been looking for something more
I can give her the keys but she has to open up the door
Move herself in to and feel at home
Listen to my beat and never again be alone
Acceptance is the key that opens up your heart
Sad thing is I'm what you been looking for from the start
I say nothing as I watch you chase a dream without me
But I know you'll never find another man quite like me
You let fear stand between you and happiness or is it worse?
I gotta watch my words cuz I know this hurts
But you put me to the side hoping you can find better
Thinking I'll always be there if you must face the weather
I'm sorry to say this but I can't wait for you, forever...

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