Tuesday, December 2, 2008

hopes and dreams

Throughout our lives we have dreams in which we hope to come true
they are complex yet simple, small but grand
indifferent and mighty yet sometimes completely unexplainable
and just us they live and breathe and yet again just like us
they also must die(,_,)
"It is the inevitable cycle of exist all things must come to and end, all things must conclude,...take the analogy of the tree that grows in Brooklyn among the steal and concrete with all its glorious branches and leaves, one day he too will pass on its legacy to the seeds it drops to the ground, and as men carry these seeds throughout the land and they take root, a new life will begin for each one of them, AS THEY STAND AS A MONUMENT TO THE ONE THAT CAME BEFORE"
These words scratch at my head as i reflect upon my day today. They scream to me as i remember what was. And remember the feelings of others. We build our entire lives on these dreams. When the die we sometimes lose track of what and WHO we are. Dreams define you yet your heart guides you. Let your dreams live but realize they don't fully die, they just change grow and adapt as we do...;)

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