Friday, December 5, 2008

Money, Cars, Clothes

Man personally I can't take this shit
I honestly hate the fact that we live in a world
that is controlled by greed
No matter what you say
No matter what you do
You will always need one thing
in this world to survive.
Do you realize that you will spend
your entire life worrying about a piece
of Paper
(I'm saying this metaphorically cuz we all know money is made of fibers...but anyway)
Like seriously, think about it when we are born we are but promised one thing
Morbid yes but when you were born did you see anywhere
where there was a dotted line saying sign here and
you can spend the rest of your life busting you ass for
something you might not ever see come to an end?
The fact that 90% of us who are working and driving these big companies forward
ABSOLUTELY could careless about the job itself.
The only reason we are there is because we have basic needs like shelter, water, and food.
We work to survive some of us get lucky and survive to work. Which in my mind wouldn't be to bad. Just the problem is WHY?
WHY? Why do we spend 85% of the year working?
We have needs.
Someone a long time ago said this plot of land is mine.
and to enforce that sovereignty over that plot of land
they placed government.
The government says okay we'll enforce this but we need
you accept this as payment and anything else we deem
Thus the creation of CURRENCY!
I'm no anarchist. I love the USA.
But I absolutely hate the fact that we as people waste our lives
chasing a piece of material that we can't take with us when we leave.
we came with nothing and we leave with nothing.
Yet we spend our entire lives trying to hang on to something.
I guess thats how things have to be.

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