Thursday, November 3, 2011

1 Timothy 6:8

His words to me is learn contentment...because I have been given everything, everything and I'm still ungrateful for all he has given me. The blessings I've been given are truly Blessings and my ungratefulness: Over being so far from home, thinking i dont have any friends, saying that all I look forward to is sleep, over being single, thinking that I am ready for this and that; this thinking is what is causing this discontentment. I look around and see all these happy people in relationships or with children, they have cars, and homes, they go out and party with there friends and I ask myself where's mine?? Where's my joy and contentment that show that I am blessed? And ungrateful and envious me took for granted the blessings that God had planted in my life...

The roof over my head, the bed I sleep in at night, having 2 jobs in a terrible economy, the clothes on my back, the food and water I have everyday, the loving people around me who don't know me but love me anyway. Its time I took a good look in the mirror and saw that when God is ready, not when I think I am ready, but when God is ready will he bless me in ways unforeseen. I mean take a look at what he's already done...I never saw any of what is happening now coming...

I understand, now it's time to show what I have learned....


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