Thursday, November 17, 2011


They've told me to wait for her
Just wait be patient
She'll come when she's ready
Arrive when my heart doesn't feel so heavy
The barrier of my soul and keeper of my spark
Will my heart fall and drop into the dark
The blinding sight of heartbreak can make a man see
The terrible scars of loves battle can make a man weak
And the memories of what was can silence a man speech
She can make him strong like the mountians or feed off him like a leech
She can be my love bird or the hateful bat of deceit Loves a war won by few who ever cast a stone
The goal isn't be triumphant as sit upon the throne
Because the victor is a killer and victim is a martyr
The flame engulfed everything who cares who's the starter
The winners are the ones who travel the thin line
Balancing each others weight with a thin twine
With God as the center everything should be fine
A true man with true strength is very hard to find
A real woman with raw beauty not just on the outside
So here I am impatiently waiting for the bus
The bus is a metaphor for us
The issue with us is it requires you to be here
I'm a man of one number and its always the same
I'm waiting for your move, show me you are more than a name...

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