Sunday, November 27, 2011

I feel like a fool

I hear people talking but I just never listen...I keep walking towards you because I'm hoping you'll be hearts heavy over you and I can't quite explain make me a better man even if I never say ain't even my woman but in my soul I see the're a real woman that's why I feel I must pursue ain't got a heart but somehow you captured mine...dumb niggas always get caught up with the same lines...your beauty isn't matched because somehow all I see is a crowd of 100 people my eyes always seem to drift to you...sometimes I think you want me...but I know better than to fall for your kindness...but the man in me can't help but walk towards you in pure blindness...these words to you are empty and probably mean nothing...but you deserve better than the man who came along before...I've said it once and I'll say it once more...I know you don't want me but I'm a man that can show you what you've been waiting for... -Haze

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