Saturday, October 15, 2011

Wild At Heart

So Ive been reading this book...its so painful to know that somebody out there knows my problems, knows my pain, knows my struggles and doesn't even know me at all...

can tell me what ive been looking for all along...

its indescribable...

but the following people deserve and apology and my forgiveness

1. Jessica Aybar
2. Hassan Omar Sr
3. Sabrina Bamberger
4. Christena Hylton

check out this book

Wild at Heart or Captivating by John and Stasi Eldredge


PS: I wasn't able to finish this post because someone was rushing me. This book is  strong, powerful and dangerous to read. If you don't approach this book the correct way it could possibly do more damage...I guess what I am trying to say is if you have ever read a single post by me on here go back to the post el roto hero after reading the first 7 chapters of Wild at Heart and it will all make sense...


Alison said...

books like that..they punch you in the gut... it's like God himself is speaking that book to you.

Alison said...

as for Captivating...the day i read it, I'll let you know. people who like the book had their world rocked. people who didn't, their only complaint was that it's a bit cheesy haha.

HaS the Turtle said...

Rocked my world is an understatement... its almost like theyve been watching its scary, yet at the same time extremely extremely relieving to know what I've been looking for. Whats funny is if I look back at my posts on here from years ago...all it does is validate everything the book is saying...and the ppl that didnt like it are closed minded lol


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