Saturday, December 25, 2010



Inspiration is a gift
Comes to my mind so quick
Wrappe in secrets
That make my mind focus
When I unwrap her she blows me a kiss
Finding ways to seduce me 
and get my thoughts to show this
The fruits of us fucking
Passionately while she's sucking
The will from soul to fight back is not at home
She's inspiration and I can't stop her alone
The unstoppable force from within
It's like she's my wind
Keeps me breathing
Yet she keeps on teasing yet pleasing
With every and exhale
My mind roams  as I inhale
Her tricky is masterful
And I am just a bastards soul
Writing her will so classical
As she carves my soul
I learn to unfold
The my minds telling me no to her controls
But inspiration has her own way on this mans goals


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