Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Guess what?
Deez nutz!

Its time I just admitted it to myself, I'm just a big ass kid at heart. Aren't we all? I'd much rather be a goof than a stiff...TAHA

I mean seriously youth is a state of mind and my generation is growing up too fast. We try to be older than we are and then shun those who we deem to be too serious or worse not serious enough. 

My life is funny, not perfect, its a constant contradiction and I am finally going to embrace that. 

Everyone is rushing to be married, or have kids, or find a career. i understand my future is important but dammit when I'm having fun is when I am the happiest and that is what is important.

I mean lets face it we rush into so many things and everything in this world is now! NOW, NOW, NOW!

Always trying to control our destiny and determine our fate by units of measure be in it years or dollars and cents. Be it in wedded relationships or the size of your apartment! I am DONE! I liked what I was doing in NY. Na, I loved what I was doing in NY!

Touching lives, Changing lives, trying to make a difference in the next persons life one person at a time and that is the way it should be.

It took me a year to realize that the path to my success would never be found in a university dorm room. i have never been a cookie cutter person. i have never been a person that follows the beat of the drum. I have always been an Individual! 

This time away from NY has done wonders for my spirit, it was needed!

When I am 56 years old I still want laugh lines! I want to be the old man that people get offended by because I will say anything! I want to keep my sense of humor and better yet make it even better! :P Shit, i wanna be me! not Hassan from accounting, Not Mr. Omar the CEO of some major corporation that has numerous enemies. I want to be Haze! you know the man I am today. The man GOD intended for me to be. 



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