Saturday, November 17, 2012


I wanna say I love your attention
gives me motivation
less tension more direction

The way I feel is so much more
but truthfully I see the bad news in store
visualize the lies I see thru em
but my heart has desires and I reach to em

Lord teach em...

teach me! please these dreams of what I need is guiding my every step
and heart break after heart break dispare is all thats left in their wake
and hate to say it but is following my heart this time a mistake?
shes there for me, she cares for me, how can you say its all fake?
what I hear and what I see is an illusion once again
my teams still losing?

Damn even my son says its true
I have to listen even though I know I don't wanna cut you loose
damn once again I'm letting every else talk for you
so tomorrow this is exactly what imma do

call you up and set the record straight
tell to calm down I need to know that her affection isn't fake
my hearts not a trampoline its not easy to bounce back
but if they tell me I can do better than I guess I have to take heed of that...


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