Thursday, February 26, 2009

As February...

As February closes, and the days grow longer
I begin notice another with you I've grown another month stronger
I still have high hopes my love, with a lesser worrisome tone
I still dream of what did at Julianna's small and drunk home
The things we said I still do believe
I just hope I can save whats left of your heart and convince you to never leave
So its time to get back on my grind, and roll up my sleeves
I'm NOT gonna try harder, JUST not make you not leave
No my love I'm gonna remind of why we are here in this
of why were still in this relationship
I wanna remind you of what created our spark
and see the light that faded in you heart
flicker back up with power pride passion and sunshiney weather :)
I wanna show you I'm changing for you and for the better
I promise you I'm gonna hold on to you through all the bad weather
I'm gonna show you what we are building is way stronger and better
than any thing this storm can brew
I wanna show you how much I truly love you
yet at the same time show you why it is that you love me too

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Anonymous said...

Te amo mi corazón de melom <3 :) :*


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